International Health Consulting

Cross-boarder healthcare

Glamhealth provides advisory strategies and services for the internationalization of health groups in Portugal by sharing the knowledge and experience gained in international markets.

Areas addressed in the internationalisation strategy

MissionTo internationalize Portuguese Health Services

Partnerships: Agreements with European Public Health Systems, agreements with international health insurance, hospital partnerships in the areas of education, research and health care.

Lines of Action:

• Cross-boarder Health Care
• Agreements with European Health Systems
• Medical Tourism
• Agreements with Health Insurance International / work directly with patients.
• Hospital Network Coordination
• Agreements with Public and Private Hospitals Networks in Portugal
• Communication of clinical information, billing and payment processes.
• Advisory to the Internationalization of the Hospital.




Chuc oversees the internationalization strategy of the largest University Hospital in Portugal.
Chuc is an international reference in high differentiated health care, research and development, clinical trials and pre and post graduate training.



The consortium between the University of Coimbra and the University Hospital aims to enhance research and training in various areas of health thus creating a bridge between the two. GLH also participates in the operational management of CoimbraHealth.


HPA Saúde

The HPA Health Group is the largest network of private hospitals and clinics in the Algarve and Madeira region.
GLH is a strategic partner in the areas of cross boarder Health Care and Medical Tourism.


World Health Summit

CoimbraHealth has been a member of WHS since October 2015. GLH actively participates in the promotion of Coimbra in the world’s largest health trend forum.



Coimbra is part of M8Alliance, the “G8 of Health” which amalgamates the largest health academies in the world. GLH actively participates in the management of many debates, projects and events within the M8 Alliance.


CentroPT Health Alliance

Promoted by CCDRC, GLH has played a key role in the economical health strategy of the central region of Portugal. To generate cluster dynamics and promote international partnerships with other leading regions in the healthcare industry, is one of the major objectives of the regional H2020 strategy.

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